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Initial Team Splits
by posted 01/15/2021


You should have recieved an e-mail discussing the first indoor practice tomorrow.  Initial splits were based upon scores from yesterday and we had to make sure that we had no more than 18 per time slot for practices.  Please note that we will continue to insure that we have placed your boys to maximize success, playing time, and opportunities for improvement over the season.  Coaches will be finalized over the next 2 to 3 weeks per team, although all coaches will work to help with all 5/6 Springboro Lacrosse players.

Initial Splits:

A Team


Last Name First Name
Boggess Nicholas
Briggs Aj
Davis Anderson
Goddard Owen
Gregor Drew
Knight Tyler
Marcum Jonathan
May Xavier
Merkel Liam
Pohlabel Benjamin
Prevish Tyler
Rado Nolan
Shafer Jude
Six Morgan
Slate Casey
Slone Cael
Studenka Cole



B1 Team


Last Name First Name
Cattran Max
Cayaditto Javin
Creter Zain
Cromwell Benjamin
Ewers Zane
Figueroa Colten
Fortener Max
Giuffre Matthew
Kastl Isaac
Kelley Kolyn
Littlejohn Grayson
Martin Tyler
Napier Carter
Nunnery Hilton
Shutte Patrick
Stahl Andrew
Townsend Evan
White Ryne


B2 Team:


Last Name First Name
Burns Jackson
Cox Christian
Dill Carson
Elliott Spencer
George Gavin
Hettinger Garrett
Kelsey Knox
Kidd Anderson
Leyes Owen
Leyes Liam
Michel Keagan
Parks Beckham
Rule Robert
Shaffer Warren
Shaffer Ashton
Weimer Maximillian
Zimmerman Eashan


Thank you with your patience with our process this year.

Eric May

Head Coach Springboro 5/6 Lacrosse


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Practice Tomorrow
by posted 01/15/2021


Thank you for coming to evaluations last night.

We have done initial splits of the teams and your current assigned slot for indoor practice is from 1600 to 1700 this Saturday 16 January 2021.  Practice will be held at Soccer Factory in Bellbrook.  The address is: 2133 Ferry Rd, Bellbrook, OH 45305

1 parent is allowed during practice, but they must maintain 6ft separation from all other parents.

Please have your son in their lacrosse gear (helmet, pads, cup, helmet, stick, mouthguard) prior to entering the facility and do not enter before 1600.  Make sure that your son brings water to practice.

While this is the initial split, we will continue to look at the kids during indoor practices to insure that we are putting the kids in the best position to succeed over the course of the sdseason.

Please respond to this e-mail if you will be unable to make practice.

Thank you,

Eric May

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Eric May 
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