Springboro Lacrosse Club

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Thank you again for your participation in the 2023 Springboro Shootout.  We are excited to have you!  We're looking forward to a great day of great lacrosse.  Please be sure to read through all this information and let me know if you have any questions.


Check In, Game Balls, & Waiver Form: 

Please report to the concession stand as soon as you get to the park to turn in your waiver form (attached).  The HQ is located under the large tent by the turf field.  The waiver form must be turned in at that time to receive your GAME BALLSIt will be the team’s responsibility to provide end line balls each game.  We will give some to start.  The concession stand will serve as the Tournament HQ. 


Tourney Machine Mobile App – Tap that App!

For this tournament all schedule and score updates are being powered by Tourney Machine.

You can follow your favorite teams and receive tournament updates (score postings, schedule changes and news) via text and email.


Vendor Village: 

  • There will be plenty of food sold in the Vendor Village.  See the menu items below. 
  • Tournament T-Shirts (limited supply) & Apparel will be available on-site in the Vendor Village as well. 
  • It should be a fun day with plenty to do and plenty to eat.


Tournament Shirts:

There will be a limited supply of tournament t-shirts this year.  Please be sure to get one early if you want one!



Each bracket is set up in 2 Pools – Blue & White.  Two points are awarded for a win.  There are no ties.  Braveheart will decide a tie.  Please see the attached rules for clarification.  The most points earned within each Pool will determine who plays in the championship game for that Bracket.  



You must report your scores to the Tournament Headquarters at the main tent in the park.  The scores will then be loaded into the Mobile App for real time updates and rankings.

There will be Jr. High and / or High School players manning the clock and scoring tables.  Please treat them with respect.


Park Map:  (Hazel Woods Park 3789 W. Lower Springboro Rd.  Springboro, OH 45066)

You can set up a canopy / tent for your teams in any of the green space available except for the area immediately surrounding the HQ and Concession Stand.  We need to leave space for our vendors.  The park opens at daylight if you’re interested in setting up camp early.


Parking (PLEASE stress this to families):

There are several paved parking lots throughout the park.The city will ticket anyone who parks in any grass area.  Parking will be a challenge. Traffic will be ONE WAY in a circle around the park.


You can park:

  • In any open parking spot
  • On the right side of the paved road. 
    • As far right as you can get to allow for traffic to move through on the left.
    • Right set of wheels can be on the grass as needed.
  • I suggest you stay put once you are parked.



The field locations are on the attached map.  There will be signs on site with the correct field numbers to help people find the correct location for their games.  Fields 10,11 and 13 will be smaller than regulation fields due to park restraints.  I’m sure the kids will appreciate this though during their 3rd game, especially if it’s hot!  Let’s just hope it’s dry!


K-2 Schedule & Field:

We have 3 K-2 fields in the park, two turf and one grass.  There will also 1 referee for each game.



There will be Port-O-Lets located throughout the tournament area. 


DISCLAIMER: The Springboro Lacrosse Shootout organizers hold the right to adjust the tournament format based on total team entries. Teams will still be guaranteed 3 games.  The Springboro Lacrosse Shootout organizers hold the right to cancel the tournament due to weather.  All but $50 of the registration fee will be refunded if the tournament is canceled.